Our Work

Consulate of Mexico, Tucson, AZ

Our collaboration included promoting different programs and creating events with the Consulate including United by the Arts / Unidos for el Arte, an exhibition of local artist from different backgrounds.

Consulate of Mexico Logo


Our collaboration with the morning show Arriba Tucson, that airs on Saturdays, featured video sketches around the topics that we cover in Vib’n including: Education, Motivation, Etiquette, Fashion, Chivalry, Gratitude and Life.

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Young Entrepreneur Academy, Tucson, AZ

As Vib’n, we helped provide strategic planning through branding, marketing, social media and customer service for teen entrepreneurship program.

Young entrepreneurs academy logo

Local First Arizona / Fuerza Local

Recipients of Local First 2016 scholarship for small business.

Hired to help direct and be Lead Instructors for Fuerza Local Tucson, AZ, a business accelerator for Hispanic small business. The program, taught completely in Spanish, helps business owners create a business plan, effective marketing and social media strategies, human resources, pricing, presentation, licensing, management, and prepares them for retirement.


Lead Local

Our program, LifeHack, empowers individuals to open up and share their experiences with others, creates human connections and promotes communication skills, fostering stronger communities and reenergizing person to person interactions in a world predominantly communicating through social media.

License Incubadora de Empresas/Micro Launch Pad for small business. This program helps individuals formalize an idea into a full business. The program provides the tools and activities to create a plan and develop your dream business. The program can be conducted in English or Spanish.

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Collaborating on Discover Local with Lead Local, Local First Arizona, & Mrs. Green’s World to promote Kickoff Day for TENWEST. Discover Local offers Tucsonans hands-on ways to experience what it means to live local and take daily actions to positively impact our community.

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Vib’n in Action

The newest of Vib’n’s exclusive projects, Vib’n in Action focuses on empowering others by promoting positivity by giving back to the community and doing things for others. From our inception we knew that we wanted to do more than just write quotes on paper: we needed to bring them to life. Vib’n in Action is our way of creating opportunities to give back to our community knowing that it’s through doing so that others will find it in them to follow suit with their own ideas and “call to action.”

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El Rio Vecinos

Volunteers for The Vecinos Bowtie Block Party. Helped set up for the event, recruitment of volunteers, social media promotion.

El Rio Foundaiton logo

YWCA Southern Arizona/Women’s Business Center

Collaborated in directing Fuerza Local program in Tucson, AZ, empowering Hispanic small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Nogales Community Development

Conducting Incubadora de Empresas / Micro Launch Pad for small business and Customer Service workshops for NCD in Nogales AZ.

Nogales community development logo

Alta Vista High School

Engaged with Alta Vista students through custom Vib’n Workshops, developed around our topics of: Motivation, Education, Etiquette, Fashion, Chivalry, Gratitude and Life.

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12th Avenue Music and Food Festival

Honored to be part of and promote the First Street Fair for the City of South Tucson, AZ through social media outlets.

Seal of Pima County Arizona

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