“Vib’n in action”

Vibn Fuerza Local Tucson Arizona

Life Hack Workshop

In a world where “likes” and “followers” on social media are the most significant form of acceptance, human connections and genuine engagement are the most powerful tools we have. As diverse as our community is, we often have the same needs, wants, and questions. The obstacle is that we avoid being vulnerable with one another for the simple reason of being afraid to ask or not knowing how. but withhold them with from one another, simply because we aren’t sure how to ask. Together we can change that.

Life Hack is an intimate event for anyone who wants to level-up in one of five focus areas: Health + Wellness; Wealth; Creativity + Spiritual Growth; Friends + Family; or Leadership + Career. Through personal growth activities and design thinking strategies, you’ll reveal your own potential as you tap into collective wisdom and connect with like-minded folks in our community. If you aren’t willing to settle, Life Hack.

Our mission is to create awareness in the value of human connections. We seek a world where face-to-face conversations are the norm, and our connections to society are not measured in “likes.” It’s about finding value in meaningful experiences with others. Our vision is to encourage, engage, and inspire you to be the change.

Young Minds Enrichment

The Young Minds Enrichment Program was born from an idea to integrate individuals with varied resources, positive role-models and mentors found within the community. Our goal is to create interactive workshops that are youth-driven by introducing local talent that inspires and motivates. From finding an internship, to getting a first job or perhaps identifying a dream career, the Tucson community is as rich in culture as it is in diversity of creative opportunity. We want to highlight those that have created a career based on their passion, who truly embody what it means to turn a dream and special talent into something bigger than they ever thought possible. Through the help of successful, local personalities ranging from tattoo and makeup artist to hair dressers and disk jockeys, chefs to realtors, or painters to fashion designers, these stories will be outline and brought to light.

Our focus is on kids and young adults ages 11-19, especially those in youth-outreach programs such as Youth On Their Own, The Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and alternative school programs, exposing participants to unique talent, not just by promoting the success achieved, but by accenting the excitement and unique discipline each one developed on their journey to becoming the creative, successful person/institution they are today.

New Workshops coming soon!!